HESED OR CHESED (HEH’-SED): a tenacious, steadfast, and persistent love; “a love that won’t let go”

It is the heart of Servant’s Heart and the mission of Hesed House to love a community unconditionally through service. While Servant’s Heart has always been committed to empowering leaders through our renovation projects, Hesed House is focused on investing in the individual.

Hesed House exists to build up and send out servant leaders into the community by providing individuals who are working in ministry with:

Affordable housing
Intentional community
Serving opportunities

Women’s Home

Our current home offers housing to four young women working in ministry, serving under-resourced communities. We seek to support each individual’s position, purpose, and leadership potential to encourage these women to be leaders who will positively impact the community.

Men’s Home

We’re currently looking to replicate our women’s home, for young men, but we’re still in the development process, awaiting the necessary funds, facility, and staff. If you have any interest in partnering with us, or would like more information on this project, we’d love to hear from you!

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